Saints Peter and Paul (The State Hermitage Museum)

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With his energetic gesture, proudly held head and fiery eyes, Paul is clearly a man of conviction, decided in his opinions and beliefs. This inner fire seems to be reflected in the tense colour of his dark red cloak. Peter, on the other hand, is passive and gentle. His pose, the somewhat weak gesture of his hands, the tilted head and sad, incomprehending gaze - all speak of a tender nature. Before us are two striking but contrasting individuals.

Outwardly, however, they are not so different. El Greco emphasises the common elements in the faces of his heroes, their ascetic nature, and the two saints seem somehow reminiscent of figures on icons. The heavy folds of their cloaks do more to hide than to reveal the figures beneath and it seems as though earthly flesh is dissolving in a mass of fabric. Light slides across the figures and flickers in the colour, reinforcing the impression of unearthliness. The physical world would seem to be retreating in the face of the spiritual.

The State Hermitage Museum




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  • The Apostles Peter and Paul

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