Saint Francis Receiving The Stigmata

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In 1226, St. Francis of Assisi had a vision of a seraph (the highest order of angels) with an image of the crucified Christ amid its six wings, from which he miraculously received the stigmata - the wounds inflicted upon Christ during the Crucifixion. El Greco depicts the wounds on Francis's elegant hands, and the saint's transfixed gaze conveys the spiritual impact of the experience. The absence of setting, the brilliance of the apparition, and the elongation of the figure contribute to an other-worldly effect. This is accentuated by the white paint and loose brushstrokes, which suggest rather than define the forms and which the artist learned in Venice before settling in Spain. The effect is magnified by the contrast of what appears to be a real piece of paper, stuck to the canvas and bearing the words



133,6 x 125,7


  • firmado

Other titles / names

  • Saint Francis Receiving The Stigmata