Retrato de un arquitecto

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    1. <dc:creator xml:lang="es">El Greco</dc:creator>

    2. <dc:description xml:lang="en">The chalk holder on the armrest, accompanied by a book with white and red bookmarks, suggests that the unknown man in the painting might be an artist. The attributes bring together the work of the hands and the soaring of the spirit, echoing Horace’s famous dictum ”Ut pictura poesis” (as is painting so is poetry).</dc:description>

    3. <dc:description xml:lang="es">Statens Museum for Kunst (Dinamarca)</dc:description>

    4. <dc:description xml:lang="es">firmado</dc:description>

    5. <dc:description>Repository/Location: Statens Museum for Kunst (Dinamarca)</dc:description>

    6. <dc:identifier>2647</dc:identifier>

    7. <dc:identifier>21</dc:identifier>

    8. <dc:identifier>12</dc:identifier>

    9. <dc:language>es</dc:language>

    10. <dc:source xml:lang="es">El Greco. Estudio y Catálogo (José Álvarez Lopera. Ed. 2007, pp. 99)</dc:source>

    11. <dc:source xml:lang="es">Statens Museum for Kunst</dc:source>

    12. <dc:source xml:lang="es">Statens Museum for Kunst (Dinamarca)</dc:source>

    13. <dc:source xml:lang="es"></dc:source>

    14. <dc:title xml:lang="es">Retrato de un arquitecto</dc:title>

    15. <dc:type xml:lang="es">Pintura</dc:type>